• Looking for a heavyweight?
    We're seasoned pros with an appetite for change

We’ll turn your world upside down if you want us to

We are a team of seasoned heavyweight experience designers. We combine an embarrassingly large number of years doing the gig with a fresh, bleeding-edge, and insightful approach to every piece of work.
We don’t just think things, we make things. We make digital experiences at the browser, on mobile or at installation, traversing web, social and app spaces. But we also make digital experiences in the physical world too.

Each new project is unique in our eyes, and houses infinite potential. Our philosophy of quick-smart thinking, rapid execution and collaborative iteration means that we get to the nub of the experience with speed, accuracy and economy – whether that nub is a strategy, a lifecycle, a user journey or just a simple emotion

Through rapid hardware prototyping we are able to realise digital experiences in the real world to quickly bring to life experience concepts in a tangible, engaging and compelling way. Our skills as a team range from pure cognitive psychology, through solid tried and tested UX design to rapid electronic prototype design

What we believe

  • We believe in digital, it's our home

    We were born digital and we understand it from its core. We've lived and breathed it from the physical-digital layer right up to the cognitive psychological layer. We know how customers see it, how they use it and what they expect from brands that engage through it
  • We believe in thinking channel-agnostic first

    We see digital not as a channel in a mix but simply as a platform that traverses all channels. In response to the ever-growing pervasiveness of digital, we pride ourselves on never being confined to the browser when we think
  • We believe in crafting meaningful, engaging experiences

    When we design experiences, we look to go beyond the pure mechanics and box-ticking of business and user objectives that so many agencies seem to think as sufficient. We look to add that extra touch of magic that truly makes the experience. Emotional experience design plays a key role in our thinking and is at the heart of designing in that magic
  • We bring together insight, user experience, strategy & technology

    Designing experiences that are beautiful takes skill, but we also understand that it takes a collective intelligence to make it buildable, usable and measurable. That’s why we bring a blend of brand experience design, formal information architecture and business consultancy together to form the heart of Human Thinking
  • We believe in intelligently applied economy and efficiency in design

    We’ve been doing what we do for a very long time; as a result we’ve learned where economies and efficiencies can be had without compromising the quality of the design process. We like to think of it as a more qualified form of Lean UX
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our thinking and our work

    We believe that you’re only as good as your last game. In order to continually improve and stay ahead we see every new challenge as an opportunity to rethink, refine and progress previous ways of doing things. The result is a continually evolving methodology and a constant increase in quality
  • We care about our clients and their customers

    We always strive to avoid the typical client-supplier relationship and instead work in a more collaborative manner with our clients. The result is a closer working relationship where understanding is accelerated and design decisions made more meaningful. By proxy of this way of working we bring our clients' customers to heart, which helps us to immerse ourselves in their needs and deepen our understanding of them
  • We believe that magic can happen when you start connecting things

    We know from experience that breaking old modes of working and thinking in new ways often yields magical outcomes. We adopt a 70-20-10 rule to our thinking: 70% on-target thinking; 20% peripheral thinking on directly related areas; and 10% thinking on something completely fresh and new. This way we always push the challenge within comfortable limits that never compromise the quality of the core target
  • We believe in beautiful, intelligent, connected design

    We understand that clever design is about more than just look and feel and functionality. For us it goes beyond these two basic elements and into the realms of visceral, behavioural and reflective design. Approaching challenges in this way opens up the opportunities to create magic, in turn connecting our clients and their customers on an emotional level as well as a service level