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#12 : Sonification instrument

Experience archive #12 : An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things This is nuts, and REALLY smart. It rotates everyday objects, scans their surfaces and transforms them into musical notation. Their silhouettes define the loops, melodies and rhythms. The instrument was built from aluminum tubes, white POM, black acrylic glass, a high precision distance measuring laser ( with the kind support of Micro-Epsilon ), a stepper motor, and a few bits and bobs. A custom programmed translator and controller module, written in processing, transforms the
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#11 : Making Future Magic

Experience archive #11 : Making Future Magic More BERG awesomeness – “Dentsu London has a strategy of ‘Making Future Magic’ a set of priorities to make ‘creative work that is contributory and sensible to its culture and environment; to be exploratory and sensitive with regard to materials and media and to wonder what magical visions of the future of media might look like.’ We made a film with them to explore this statement.”    
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#10 : Secret Knock Detecting Lock

Experience archive #10 : Secret Knock Detecting Lock Arduino-based secret door knock lock from Steve Hoefer at Grathio Labs. We loved the innocence of this experience in that it invokes something nostalgic about our childhoods, wrapped up in a pretty awesome bit of kit.    
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#9 : Little Printer

Experience archive #9 : Little Printer Again from the guys over at BERG comes Little Printer. “Little Printer lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from friends. Use your smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will gather them together to create a timely, beautiful miniature newspaper.”    
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#8 : Availabot

Experience archive #8 : Availabot From those super-talented chaps over at BERG comes Availabot. First prototyped some time ago now but going into full production soon we always admired this tangible status indicator and all of the natural human behaviours it affords at the (physical) desktop. From BERG – “Availabot is a physical representation of presence in Instant Messenger applications. Availabot plugs into your computer by USB, stands to attention when your chat buddy comes online, and falls down when they go away.”    
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#7 : MorphHex

Experience archive #7 : MorphHex MorphHex – A hexapod robot that can transform into a sphere shape and back.    
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#6 : Now Playing vs. Web Data

Experience archive #6 : Now Playing vs. Web Data Now Playing vs. Web Data – First touted in 2008 and not currently live but still an awesome display of meaningfully mashed-up data in a brutally simple interface. A new prototype based on Radio 1’s now playing data but this time from a BBC member of staff working in their 10% project. Simon Cross, its creator, describes its future: The plan for this is to eventually build a flash version which is full-screenable to provide a visual companion while listening in the office, or on the web etc. Fut
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#5 : The Good Night Lamp

Experience archive #5 : The Good Night Lamp We really like this – The Good Night Lamp – a lovely concept using an everyday item (a lamp) that people are so familiar with and connecting them via web to bring together geographically dispersed people. A great example of passive, abstracted interface design that wraps a significant amount of meaning up into a simple on/off interface – “The Good Night Lamp™ is a family of connected lamps that lets you communicate the act of coming back home to your loved ones, remotely.”  
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#4 : Where’s George?

Experience archive #4 : Where’s George? Although lo-fi in its design, a really nice concept for crowd-based asset tracking. In this case one dollar bills across the U.S. Simple, collaborative and just a bit of fun. See where your George has been.      
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