• The heart of great design
    LEAF - a flexible, meaningful approach to experience design

LEAF – Lean Experience Architecture Framework

  • It's experience first, execution second

    We believe that good experience design should start with the minimum constraints placed upon it. This means pausing pre-conceptions about the solution, mechanism or device and concentrating on the essence of the experience and the human need at the centre of it. LEAF starts with this essence and builds out from it, retaining the core emotional and rational needs of the experience right through to execution
  • It's human-centred thinking at the heart of everything

    Good UCD keeps users front of mind throughout the design process. But you can't truly deliver honest, genuinely human experiences if you don't keep the very human elements of users front of mind too. It's more than just User-Centred design, it's Human-Centred Design
  • It's a channel-free approach to design

    Supporting an 'Experience first' ethos, we also consider the experience requirements and subsequent design agnostic of channel. Only when we truly understand the essence of the experience can we choose the most appropriate channel in which to deliver it
  • It's balancing the emotional and rational

    We believe experiences can be too easily over-engineered, often literally distilling the soul out of the design. Supporting the Human-Centred Design approach is a principle that maintains the need to deliver the utility as well as eliciting the desired visceral response. This can only happen with an approach that maintains that emotional essence, the visceral requirement, throughout. This is a principal that LEAF upholds through delivery and execution

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