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    Choosing can be hard, delivering it can be even harder

Delivering efficiency and accuracy through content strategy

It's more than just words, true content strategy addresses the whole media mix. The net result is a clearly defined direction for content, supported by simple processes to help create it at the right times and place it in the most relevant spaces. This in-turn means that content is more relevant, more timely, more contextual and ultimately more meaningful to your customers

What is it?

How do we do it?

It's been around for decades and has only recently earned its formal title. Developing a direction for the content of your digital presence is one thing, but it can often be delivered at a concept level, making it difficult to put in to action. Solid content strategy doesn't just set the direction of your content, it also defines the framework and mechanisms in which to deliver it
We begin by learning about you, your business model and its processes. Then we map this to your current content output across all channels. At the same time we talk with you at a brand level and support this with research where needed. We bring all of these drivers together to create a coherent picture of the content creation process then turn it into a simplified, actionable framework

What does it look like?