• Making it, makes it real
    Some experiences go way beyond the browser

We build things to support a channel-free approach to experience design

We create experiences that break free of traditionally pre-defined platforms. Experiences that are more contextually relevant, more passive, more naturally occurring in a user's world. We have substantial experience of designing and building physical prototypes to bring digital concepts to life

What is it?

How do we do it?

It's a physical thing that delivers the digital experience directly to you, often right into your hands, and not just in a browser or mobile. Making experiences this way also has a beautiful design byproduct - it naturally gives rise to simplification and improvement because you can literally grasp the experience and understand it immediately
We start by fully understanding the experience concept and transform it into a physical, fully functioning representation of the experience using rapid prototyping through embedded digital hardware design. This goes through a series of refinement and testing cycles until it delivers fully on the experience brief both functionally and emotionally

What does it look like?