• A truly joined up world?
    Good multi-channel starts with connected thinking

True multi-channel thinking, beyond web

True multi-channel thinking is more than just multiple-channel fulfilment; it’s about seeing the channel mix as a whole and building experiences around the customers that sit at the heart of it, at the touch-points they use. It's about finding new ways to tokenise the offering, handing that token seamlessly between channels to create a connected, consistent experience that morphs to be contextually relevant

What is it?

How do we do it?

Imagine having a conversation with a colleague or friend and, because of limitations such as travel or etiquette, it moving from phone call to SMS, to IM, to email then back to phone. For most of us, this can be an everyday reality. So, we’re used to switching channels at speed whilst retaining the essence and momentum of the conversation, why shouldn’t our conversations with brands also follow this model?
We start by looking at your channel presence, then compare that with where your customers are and how they expect you to behave, all underpinned by audience research and business / market analysis. We then look at your technical capability, overlaid with emerging technologies that allow us to begin to connect relevant channels and plan a strategic direction for engaging with your customers via those channels

What does it look like?