• What would you ask?
    We can help you to see how your customers see you

A bespoke, efficient approach to research and testing

Smart planning, optimised research processes and a flexible approach can yield great insights at little expense and can really have a huge impact on the direction of your digital project. Even a light touch of research adds significant value, avoids common pitfalls and expedites the design process

What is it?

How do we do it?

Ever wanted to know what your customers think of your brand, product, service or image? There are many ways to provide answers and almost all require talking with your customers at some level. By identifying what you need to know to move your business forward and who to ask we can begin to shape the mechanisms to help get the answers you need
We don't do off-the-shelf research programmes as we believe that your challenge is unique to you. Instead, we consider ourselves a super-equipped workshop with all the tools you could ever wish for across the quantitative / qualitative spectrum. We pull on these tools to create bespoke research programmes to match your needs

What does it look like?